1064nm 300ps Microchip Laser System of MH Series

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1064nm 300ps Microchip Laser System of MH Series

MH series high repetition rate microchip laser series can achieve high repetition rate while the pulse width is less than 300ps. The product is a passively Q-switched solid-state laser based on semiconductor pump, with stable energy, good beam quality and single longitudinal mode operation. The laser is designed with full seal, small size, convenient for user installation and integration. The system supports internal and external triggering and can be used for secondary development.

Model Repetition Frequency  Average Power  Output Energy  Pulse Width Order
CL1064-5KHz-10μJ-MH011 5kHz 50mW 10uJ 300ps
CL1064-10KHz-8μJ-MH012 10kHz 80mW 8uJ 300ps
CL1064-20KHz-5μJ-MH013 20kHz 100mW 5uJ 300ps
CL1064-50KHz-2μJ-MH014 50kHz 100mW 2uJ 300ps


Power stabilty(8h) Beam profile Full angle divergence Typ.(mrad) Horizontal@1/e2 Full angle divergence Typ.(mrad) Vertical@1/e2 Polarization
±3% TEM00 ≤10(MH011, MH012) ≤20(MH013, MH014) 10(MH011MH012) ≤20(MH013, MH014) >100:1