355nm Microchip Laser System of MC Series

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355nm Microchip Laser System of MC Series 

MC series microchip laser products have very ideal narrow pulse width, but also can achieve high single pulse energy. The product is a passive Q-switched solid-state laser based on semiconductor pump. The laser pulse is pure and tailless, the single pulse energy is stable, and the beam quality is good. The integrated design of semiconductor pump module and laser crystal makes the compact laser head easy to install and integrate. The system supports internal and external triggering. This series of products include five wavelengths of 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm and 213nm. The full sealing module inside the laser head can be used by customers for secondary development and application. The superior product performance index makes its application range very wide, especially in laser measurement, which can meet many different kinds of measurement needs, and also has excellent performance in the application of laser seeds. We can also provide 1064nm and 532nm isolators.

Model Repetition Frequency  Average Power  Output Energy  Pulse Width  Order
CL355-200Hz-30μJ-MC009 0.2 kHz 6 mW 30 uJ 550 ps
CL355-1KHz-20μJ-MC0010 1 kHz 20 mW 20 uJ 550 ps
CL355-1KHz-15μJ-MC011 1 kHz 15 mW 15 uJ 650 ps
CL355-5KHz-10μJ-MC012 5 kHz 50 mW 10 uJ 650 ps
CL355-10KHz-6μJ-MC013 10 kHz 60 mW 6 uJ 650 ps


Power stabilty(8h) Beam profile Full angle divergence Typ.(mrad) Horizontal@1/e2 Full angle divergence Typ.(mrad) Vertical@1/e2 Polarization
±3% TEM00 <5 <5 >100:1