MgO:LiNbO3 Pockels Cells

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LN (LiNbO3) Pockels Cells, additionally referred to as lithium niobate Pockels Cells, is a thorough and outstanding Pockels Cells The device is widely made use of in the fields of optical communication and also optical waveguide modern technology. The item has the advantages of high electro-optical coefficient, non-hygroscopicity, a wide range of transparency, and excellent mechanical and also physical properties, which can be used in the fields of electro-optical modulators, inflection of laser beams outside the wave voltage of resonators. Lithium niobate crystals are just one of the most frequently made use of materials for Q-switches and also phase modulators because of their high electro-optical coefficient, non-hygroscopicity, the excellent transmission of approximately 4.0 μm, as well as transverse setting operation. LiNbO3 pocket cells can be set up to run at reduced voltages than KD * P cells by applying an electrical area side to side towards light propagation. LiNbO3 pocket cells can sustain IR wavelength procedure of approximately 4.0 μm and are additionally an excellent choice for reduced to medium power solid-state laser (Emergency room: YAG, Ho: YAG, Tm: YAG pulsed lasers) applications. Additionally, LiNbO3 with Mgo doping has a significantly greater damage limit contrasted to conventional undoped LiNbO3.

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MgO:LN crystal switch

Product Model
Clear Aperture
Crystal Size(mm) Shell Size λ/4Voltage
(@ 1064 nm),
Electrode Method
Price Order
CLMGO-S0920-3026 9
9 x 9 x 20 Dia. 30x26mm 1.9kV Cylinder Lead little $479
abundant $435
CLMGO-S0620-2533 6
6 x 6 x 20 Dia. 25x33mm 1.4kV Cylindrical Pin Electrode little $450
abundant $406
CLMGO-S0920-181720-S 9
9 x 9 x 20 18 x 17 x 20mm 1.9kV Square enclosure
Insert the needle electrode
little $551
abundant $508

PS:Capacitance: 14pF; Transmittance: >99%; Use wavelength: 1064nm; Resist light damage,10ns 10Hz 1064nm: 200MW/cm2 ; Extinction Ratio: 300:1 

Pockels Cell Specifications

Clear Aperture
Length ~60mm
Flatness <λ/8 @633nm
Wavefront Distortion
<λ/4 @633nm
Surface Finish
Wavelength Band 300-3000nm

Pockels Cell Product Parameters

Clear Aperture
2.5mm 5mm 8mm 9mm
Shell Size φ20×66mm φ25.4×36mm φ30/32×26/30mm φ31/32×26mm
λ/4 Voltage 400V λ/2 @633nm 800V λ/2 @633nm 1800V-1900V λ/4 @1064nm 2100V λ/4 @1064nm
>98% >98% >98% >98%
Insertion Loss 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03
<λ/8 @633nm <λ/8 @633nm <λ/8 @633nm <λ/8 @633nm
Extinction Ratio(5mm) 200:1 200:1 200:1 200:1
Capacitance 5pF 5pF 5pF 5pF
Damage Threshold
100MW/cm2 @1064nm 10ns 10Hz(LN)
300MW/cm2 @1064nm 10ns 10Hz(MgO:LN)