Quartz Wedge Depolarizer

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CRYLINK's quartz wedge depolarizer consists of two 3° wedges of crystal quartz. Usual wedge depolarizer consists of one crystal quartz wedge and a compensation fused silica to avoid big beam deviation, but the deviation is also very big for some precise instruments. CRYLINK does not use fused silica plate to compensate the beam deviation, we use a crystal quartz plate with its optical axis along the propagation direction. Because the depolarizer is constructed by same material, so the beam deviation can be much better. The usual depolarizer can only be used at narrow band wavelength to avoid the big beam deviation. With our special design, our depolarizer can be used in a wide range of wavelength and keep the beam deviation in an acceptable range.


  • Better At 45deg Optical Axis Alignment
  • Ideal for >6mm diameter Monochromatic Light & Broadband Light
  • Epoxy Cemented or Optically Contacted Available
Product Number Material Dimension[mm] Thickness[mm] Type Wavelength[nm] AR Coating Cart
QWD001 Quartz 25.4 5 Cemented 400-2500 /
QWD002 Quartz 25.4 5 Optically Contacted 220-2500 /