Rochon Polarizer

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  • Split the ordinary and extraordinary ray, but only ordinary beam is deviated

  • Cemented, Suitable for low power application

  • Wide Wavelength Range

  • High Extinction Ratio

  • Large Field Angle

  • RoHS Compliant


Material YVO4, Quartz
Wavelength Range YVO4:500-4000nm; Quartz:400-2300nm
Extinction Ratio YVO4:<5x10-5; Quartz:<5x10-4
Surface Quality 20/10
Wavefront Distortion <λ/4@632.8nm
Beam Deviation <3 arc minutes
Damage Threshold >5W/cm2 CW, 1064nm
Coating Single Layer MgF2@1064nm
Mount Black Anodized Aluminium


Product Number Material Wavelength[nm] Separation Angle[°] CA[mm] Mount[mm] AR Coating Cart
RP001 Quartz 400-2300 1.0@980nm 8 φ25.4x26 MgF2
RP002 Quartz 400-2300 1.0@980nm 10 φ25.4x28 MgF2
RP003 Quartz 400-2300 1.0@980nm 12.7 φ25.4x33 MgF2
RP004 Quartz 400-2300 1.0@980nm 15 φ30x38 MgF2
RP005 Quartz 400-2300 1.0@980nm 20 φ38x48 MgF2
RP006 YVO4 500-4000 6.0@1550nm 8 φ25.4x17 MgF2
RP007 YVO4 500-4000 6.0@1550nm 10 φ25.4x19 MgF2
RP008 YVO4 500-4000 6.0@1550nm 12.7 φ25.4x21 MgF2