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RbTiOPO4(RTP) crystal is an laser Q switching material, with high power, high frequency repetition and narrow pulse width. It is extensively applied in laser micromachining, laser ranging and major scientific exploration projects.

Available aperture(mm)
Pockels cell size(mm)
Dia20/25.4*35( Clear aperture 3*3,4*4,5*5)

Chemical formula RbTiOPO4
Crystal structure Orthorhombic
Point group mm2
Lattice parameters, Å a 12.96
b 10.56
c 6.49
Density, g.cm-3 3.6
Resistivity (20°C, 20% Humidity), Ohm.cm 1012
Aperture, mm2 from 2×2 to 9×9
Length, mm up to 10
Dimension tolerance ±0.1 mm
Flatness <l/8 @633 nm
Surface quality Scratch/Dig 10/5
Parallelism better than 30 arc sec
Perpendicularity better than 30 arc min
Angle tolerance △q < 0.5°, △f < 0.5°
Coating AR coatings
Clear aperture >90% central area
Transmitting wavefront distortion less than l/8 @ 633 nm Dimension
Melting Point ~ 1000 °C
Ferroeletric transition temperature ~810 °C
Mohs Hardness ~5
Thermal Expansion Coefficients, /°C a1=1.01×10-5, a2=1.37×10-5, a3=-4.17×10-6
Hygroscopic Susceptibility No
Ionic conductivity (room temperature, 10 kHz) 10-8 S/cm



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