Super Achromatic Waveplate

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Super Achromatic Waveplate is similar to achromatic waveplate but providing a flat retardance over a super broadband wavelength range. Normal achromatic waveplate consists of one quartz plate and one MgF2 plate, which has only few hundreds of nanometer wavelength range. CRYLINK’s super achromatic waveplate is made from three material, quartz, MgF2 and sapphire, which can provide flat retardance on a broader wavelength range.


  • Custom Size & Wavelength Available
  • Flat Retardance Over a Super Broadband Range
  • RoHS Compliant


    Material Crystal Quartz+MgF2+Sapphire
    Dimension Tolerance +0.0/-0.2 mm
    Surface Quality 60/40 scratch and dig
    Clear Aperture >90 % central area
    Wavefront Distortion <λ/4 @ 632.8 nm (for single plate)
    Parallelism <10 arc seconds (for single plate)
    Retardation Tolerance <λ/100
    Standard Wave quarter-wave(λ/4), half-wave(λ/2)
    Standard Wavelength 380-1100 nm, 600-2000 nm
    Coating Upon request
    Damage Threshold >500 mJ/cm2, 20 ns, 20 Hz @ 1064 nm
    Type Cemented


    Product Number Type Diameter[mm] Wavelength[nm] Retardation[λ] Mount[mm] CA[mm] Cart
    SAW001 Cemented 20 380-1100 λ/4 / 18
    SAW002 Cemented 20 380-1100 λ/4 φ25.4x6 18
    SAW003 Cemented 20 600-2000 λ/4 φ25.4x6 18