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Titanium-doped sapphire (Ti3+:sapphire) as an optically pumped, solid-state laser crystal is widely used in wavelength tunable laser which tunable range is 650-1100nm, and peaking at 800nm, it is one of the widest wavelength tunable laser crystal. The upper-state lifetime of Ti:sapphire is short to 3.2ms, because of high saturation power, it’s hard to pump it by lamp, argon ion lasers or frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser etc. is usually adapted. Using self-mode-locking technology, the Ti:Sapphire laser can output laser pulse with pulse width as short as 6.5fs directly, which is the narrowest laser pulse of all lasers that directly output from the resonant cavity. Through frequency-double technology, the wavelength of laser beam can cover wide band from blue to deep ultraviolet, produced 193 nm laser has been used in lithography machine.