True Zero Order Waveplate

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The thickness of a true zero order quartz plate is very thin, it is very easily damaged. In order to solve this problem, we can cement the thin quartz plate on a BK7 substrate to increase the strength.


  • Standard Thickness: 1.1±0.2mm

  • Epoxy Cemented

  • Moderate Damage Threshold

  • Better Temperature Bandwidth

  • Wide Wavelength Bandwidth

  • Good wavefront and parallelism

  • RoHS Compliant


Material Crystal Quartz
Dimension Tolerance +0.0/-0.2 mm
Surface Quality 20/10 scratch and dig
Clear Aperture >90 % central area
Wavefront Distortion <λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
Parallelism <1 arc second
Retardation Tolerance <λ/300
AR Coating R<0.25 % @ central wavelength
Damage Threshold >500 mJ/cm2, 20 ns, 20 Hz @ 1064 nm
Type Cemented